About IGCA

The International Gastric Cancer Association – IGCA has contributed a lot in the last 18 years to the progress, prevention, detection and treatment of this disease, proposing, publishing, teaching and spreading new methods to be applied everywhere.

This can be considered the great merit of our Society and the IGCC represents the gathering of the best experts in this domain, all together, pointing to the future and discussing with all of us the best measures to be applied in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the gastric cancer in all its aspects, with a multidisciplinary approach. 

Official Board of IGCA

Honorary Members

  • Gama-Rodrigues, J.
  • Hiki, Y.
  • Kitajima, M.
  • Maruyama, K.
  • Popiela. T.
  • Santoro, E.
  • Sugano, H.
  • Takahashi, T.

Honorary President

  • Kim, J.P.
  • Siewert, J.R.
  • Brennan, M.F.

Executive Committee

  • President: Zilberstein, B. (Brazil)
  • President-elect: Ji, J.F. (China)
  • Past President: De Manzoni, G (Italy)
  • Secretary General: Sano, T. (Japan)
  • Treasurer: Yang, H.Y. (Korea)
  • Editors: Kitagawa, Y (Japan) De Manzoni, G (Italy)


  • Kassab, P. (Brazil) Roviello, F. (Italy)

Council Members

  • Ajani, J.A. (U.S.A.)
  • Allum, W.H. (U.K.)
  • Carneiro, F. (Portugal)
  • Chandramohan, S. M. (India)
  • De Manzoni G. (Italy)
  • Garofalo, A. (Italy)
  • Grabsch, H. (The Netherlands)
  • Hartgrink, H. (The Netherlands)
  • Ji, J.F. (China)
  • Karpeh, M.S. (U.S.A)
  • Kassab, P. (Brazil)
  • Kolodziejczyk, P. (Poland)
  • Malheiros, C. A. (Brazil)
  • Mansfield, P.F. (U.S.A.)
  • Mariette, C. (France)
  • Meyer, H.-J. (Germany)
  • Mok, Y.J. (Korea)
  • Noh, S.H. (Korea)
  • Park, C.H. (Korea)
  • Puolakkainen, P (Finland)
  • Roviello, F. (Italy)
  • Sano, T. (Japan)
  • Sasako, M. (Japan)
  • Seto, S. (Japan)
  • Shchepotin, I. B. (Ukraine)
  • Smithers, M. (Australia)
  • Strong, V. (U.S.A)
  • Tan, P. (Singapore)
  • Wittekind, C. (Germany)
  • Yamaguchi, T (Japan)
  • Yang, H. K. (Korea)
  • Yasui, W. (Japan)
  • You, W.C. (China)
  • Zhu, Z.G. (China)
  • Zilberstein, B. (Brazil)

Office Secretary

  • Kaminishi, M. (Tokyo)
  • Maehara, Y. (Fukuoka)
  • Sano, T. (Tokyo)
  • Yamaguchi, T. (Tokyo)
  • Kitagawa, Y. (Tokyo)
  • Mok. Y.J (Korea)
  • Seto, Y. (Tokyo)
  • Yasui, W. (Hiroshima)

As of Aug, 2015

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