Chinese Gastric Cancer Association (CGCA)

The Chinese Gastric Cancer Association (CGCA) is a national academic organization committed to advancing research and clinical practice in gastric cancer in China. It consists of experts in a variety of specialties related to gastric cancer, including basic research, translational research, epidemiology, diagnostic imaging, surgery, internal medicine, and radiotherapy.


CGCA grow out of the Chinese Gastric Cancer Group which was founded in 1976 in Beijing with the purpose of bringing together experts of multiple disciplines nationwide to strengthen gastric cancer prevention and treatment and relevant collaborative researches. It held the first Chinese Gastric Cancer Congress in 1978, and became a subsidiary of the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association in 1985.


To reduce incidence and mortality of gastric cancer in China, and improve long-term survival and quality of life of gastric cancer patients; to promote early diagnosis and evidence-based, standardized, effective and timely treatment of gastric cancer.


To set up a high-level platform for domestic and international academic exchange and cooperation among experts in multiple disciplines relating to gastric cancer prevention and treatment, and promote basic and translational researches aiming at improving technologies and effectiveness of gastric cancer diagnosis and treatment; to strengthen horizontal integration and cooperation, develop and generalize standards and guidelines for clinical practice pertaining to gastric cancer, and organize and implement multicenter clinical trials; to promote mass health education and research on early diagnosis and screening of gastric cancer, explore gastric cancer prevention and control systems suitable to China’s situation; to reinforce communication and collaboration with international counterparts, and actively participate in international multicenter clinical trials, shouldering our share of responsibility for gastric cancer prevention and control in the global community.

CGCA Secretariat
Tel: +86 10 88196158
Address: Room 320, Scientific Research Building, Peking University Cancer Hospital, 52 Fucheng Rd., Haidian District, Beijing 100142, P.R.China


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